Broomhill Extension
Broomhill Extension


“Not just any extension…”


Most extensions will add value to your property.  However, a well-designed extension can add much more than a mere increase to its financial valuation.


At george buchanan architects we’ll undertake an initial briefing session where we’ll seek to understand your requirements along with your likes, your dislikes and your budget.  In parallel, we’ll analyse your property and garden, taking account of matters such as layout, aesthetics, views, topography etc.


This analytical approach provides a firm foundation on which to design your perfect extension.  At this stage we are happy to take any design ideas you may have (perhaps a collection of images from magazines or a sketch layout), along with our own suggestions (we are full of ideas!) and develop a design for your extension.


This is just the start of the process!  With our decades of combined experience, we can guide you through the various stages to completion.


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